You Are Not a Victim

You are powerful beyond measure. If you think about it, you are a focal point for the energy of the Divine to flow through. That means that all of abundance, love, and prosperity of the entire universe is seeking to express itself through you right here, right now. The only thing that could limit this expression are the false/limiting beliefs and perceptions you either picked up from others; authority figures, parents, community, the race consciousness, or false beliefs you gave to yourself through incorrect reasoning at some point in time.

The universe can only work through you to the degree that you allow it. When a false belief is operating in your consciousness, it causes a constriction in that area that it’s held. For instance, if a person believes; “People don’t like me.” Then that person will attract to him or herself people that match up with this belief and this belief will also dictate how that person would act with others. It’s important to spend some time examining your belief systems to see what you really do believe, and where these beliefs came from. If the beliefs you hold are limiting you, then it’s time for something new. If you’re not sure what beliefs you hold, just take a look at your life. What areas are you successful in? What areas are you suffering in? Your life is a reflection for the beliefs held in your mind.

Now, how do you change a belief? A belief is just a thought that has been thought over and over again until it seems real. To change the limiting belief, just replace it with another one! It’s that simple. If your limiting belief for relationships is “I have no friends.” replace it with; “I have great friends. I am a magnet for Divine Relationships.” If your limiting belief is “I’m a failure.” Replace this thought with; “I am successful! I am a magnet for Divine Success!” There is no reason for you to not claim your Godhood now! As it’s been said; “It is the father’s God pleasure to give you the kingdom.” The spirit of God wants to express through you. That is the nature of God. It is always giving, regardless of the circumstance. As soon as you start to shift your thinking, this will open up an outlet for the good of God to pour into. This is a simple process that can dramatically change your life.

My Challenge:
My challenge to you is to spend a week or two thinking new positive thoughts. The thoughts that you think today are like seeds that you are planting into the universal mind of God and will be the food you will live off in the future. These thoughts will form your beliefs which will create your new reality so spend some time affirming the good that you would like to see manifest in your life. It doesn’t matter how long that good hasn’t been there, once you start thinking about it and affirming it, God will bring it you.

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